An Introduction to Substructural Logics
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[Cover Design for ISL] Welcome to the web site for the book An Introduction to Substructural Logics. The book is an introduction to the field of relevant, linear, and other substructural logics, aimed at introducing this new and exciting field of logic to anyone and everyone.

In practice, this means that the book will suit the advanced undergraduate, postgraduate, or researcher in logic (in philosophy, mathematics, computer science or theoretical linguistics). The book contains an overview of the major results and techniques in the field, in proof theory and semantics of these logics.


The book has been published, as of January 2000. Routledge have done a fine job with it, and it is available direct from them in their catalogue. Residents of the US or Canada should go instead to the Routledge NY site, to find details of the book here.

You can order it now at and

The bibliography used in the book is available on-line. The file is a BibTeX file, which is a simple encoded text-file with bibliography data of every article cited in the book, together with whatever else I have referred to in the last few years.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

    Part I: Proof Theory

  2. Ifs, Ands and Ors
  3. Modalities
  4. Hilbert Systems
  5. Theories
  6. Gentzen Systems
  7. Formulas as Types, Proofs as Terms

    Part II: Propositional Structures

  8. Defining Propositional Structures
  9. Manipulating Propositional Structures
  10. Categories

    Part III: Frames

  11. Frames I: Logics with Distribution
  12. Frames II: Logics without Distribution
  13. Frame Constructions

    Part IV: Decidability and Undecidability

  14. Decision Procedures
  15. Undecidability

    Part V: Coda

  16. Using Substructural Logics
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