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This page will contain links to each web resource mentioned the book, together with anything else relevant to the topic. At the moment it does not contain many links. However, this will change.

If you find any web resources about substructural logics, please send email to Greg Restall with “ISL: Resources” in the subject line. The information will then be added to this web page.

General Resources

My research links page contains links to the web pages of many individuals working in substructural logics.

My publications page contains a list of all of my publications, together with downloadable preprints, to give you an idea of my current research, some of which is still on substructural logics.

Hypatia is a large database of work of research in theoretical computer science.

The Logic Journal of the IGPL is an online journal which often publishes material on substructural logics.

The bibliography used in An Introduction to Substructural Logics is available for you to download and use. This BibTeX file contains all of the bibliography used in the book, together with many other references I have collected.

Ed Mares has written a really good short introduction to relevant logic for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Categorial Grammar (the Lambek Calculus) has a web resource available. And a web reproduction of Lambek's “The Mathematics of Sentence Structure” can be perused here.

The Computer Science Laboratory at SRI maintains a web page of linear logic resources.

Part I: Proof Theory

No Links Yet.

Part II: Propositional Structures

John Slaney's program MaGIC is available here. This program generates small propositional structures for substructural logics.

Theory and Applications of Categories is an online journal devoted to (you guessed it) the theory and applications of categories.

Part III: Frames

No Links Yet.

Part IV: Coda

Logical Pluralism features in the coda as the endpoint of my discussion of what substructural logics are good for. These sketchy ideas have been developed much more in some recent work by JC Beall and me. Pointers to papers on this topic can be found at my publications page.
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