An Introduction to Substructural Logics | Solutions
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This page will contain pointers to the solutions to all of the exercises in An Introduction to Substructural Logics. As the book has only just appeared, this page is currently scantly populated.

However, it probably won't be this way for too long! I you solve any of the as-yet-unsolved exercises in the book, please send email to restall @ with “ISL: Solutions” in the subject field. Your solution will be posted here, credited to you, of course!

Solutions by Chapter

  1. Introduction

    Part I: Proof Theory

  2. Ifs, Ands and Ors
  3. Modalities
  4. Hilbert Systems
  5. Theories
  6. Gentzen Systems
  7. Formulas as Types, Proofs as Terms

    Part II: Propositional Structures

  8. Defining Propositional Structures
  9. Manipulating Propositional Structures
  10. Categories

    Part III: Frames

  11. Frames I: Logics with Distribution
  12. Frames II: Logics without Distribution
  13. Frame Constructions

    Part IV: Decidability and Undecidability

  14. Decision Procedures
  15. Undecidability

    Part V: Coda

  16. Using Substructural Logics
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