Logic Text Errata

This page contains the list of known errors in the book Logic (Greg Restall, published by Routledge, 2006).

Like any text, errors creep in at various stages of the process, and these can detract when reading it. So, this page contains the list of known errors in the text. Page references are from the first edition, from 2006 (the only so far).


Chapter 1: Propositions and arguments

Chapter 2: Connectives and argument forms

Chapter 3: Truth tables

Chapter 4: Trees

Chapter 5: Vagueness and bivalence

Chapter 6: Conditionality

Chapter 7: Natural deduction

? Page 109, second paragraph. “Then there is no way to deduce A ⊢ B → A since the B was not used in the deduction of A.” What’s wrong with this deduction (in the style of Lemmon’s Beginning Logic in which the Rule of Assumptions is, in effect, the axiom A ⊢ A)?

1 A ⊢ A Axiom 2 B ⊢ B Axiom 3 A,B ⊢ A & B &-I 4 A,B ⊢ A &-E 5 A ⊢ B → A ->-I

BTW, why are the deductions in this chapter given using A, B, C, D rather than p, q, r, s?

Chapter 8: Predicates, names and quantifiers

? Page 120: Add clause: any atomic formula is a formula. Cf. p. 28. Without it a lot hangs on the italicization of formula in atomic formula.

? Page 120: The Latinate ‘arity’ naturally goes along with unary, binary, ternary, …. With the Greek monadic, dyadic, triadic, … shoudln’t it be ‘adicity’?

Chapter 9: Models for predicate logic

Chapter 10: Trees for predicate logic

Chapter 11: Identity and functions

Chapter 12: Definite descriptions

Chapter 13: Some things do not exist

Chapter 14: What is a predicate?

Chapter 15: What is logic?