Logic Text Chapter 14 Solutions

Chapter 14: What is a Predicate?


Question {14.1}

I think that the narrow predications appear in numbers 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7.

For 2, Superman might be famous for running very fast, but Clark Kent isn’t.

For 6, I might be sick and tired of that guy who’s been emailing me a lot, but I might not be sick and tired of you, even though you are that person.

For 8, what I can distinguish depends on my capacity for description or whatever. I might be able to tell Superman apart from Jimmy Olsen (a photographer for the Daily Planet), but not Clark Kent from Jimmy Olsen.

For 9, I might know Superman but not Clark Kent.

Question {14.2}

I might think that something bit me, without there being something such that I think that it bit me. I might think I’ve been bitten, but I might not know what bit me.