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Truthmakers, Entailment and Necessity 2008

“Truthmakers, Entailment and Necessity 2008,” an addendum to “Truthmakers, Entailment and Necessity,” pages 98–101 in Truth and Truth-making, edited by E. J. Lowe and A. Rami, Acumen, 2008.

I update “Truthmakers, Entailment and Necessity” with a response to Stephen Read’s wonderful Mind 2000 argument to the effect that I got the disjunction thesis wrong.

I think I didn’t get it wrong, but figuring out why it’s OK to hold that a truthmaker makes a disjunction true iff it makes a disjunct true is not as straightforward as I first thought. Pluralism about truthmaking makes an entrance.


Author: Greg Restall
Status: Published in 2008

Local file: ten2008.pdf (102KB)

Subjects: metaphysics truth truthmakers


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