December 3, 2015

I’m giving a talk, entitled “Generality and Existence 4: Identity and Modality” in the HPLM Seminar at the University of St Andrews.

Abstract: In this talk, extend the proof system for quantified modal logic, with both subjunctive (metaphyisical) and indicative (epistemic) modalities, to include an identity predicate. Or rather, a range of candidate identity predicates allowing for the substitution of a lesser or greater class of predications. I show that the resulting system is well-behaved proof theoretically (the Cut rule is eliminable) and the identity predicates can be well motivated in terms of their defining rules. I end with a discussion of the implications for the ontology of possibilia.


I’m Greg Restall, and this is my personal website. ¶ I am the Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews.



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