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  • Proof, Rules and Meaning: book manuscript in progress. Abstract
  • Proofs and Models in Philosophical Logic: to appear in Cambridge Elements. Abstract  pdf


  • “Speech Acts & the Quest for a Natural Account of Classical Proof,” article in progress. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Shawn Standefer) “Collection Frames for Substructural Logics,” article in progress. Abstract  pdf


  • “Proof Terms for Classical Derivations,” article in progress. Abstract  pdf


  • “Existence and Definedness: the semantics of possibility and necessity,” article in progress. Abstract  pdf


  • “Three Cultures—or: what place for logic in the humanities?” unpublished essay. Abstract  pdf


  • “Invention is the Mother of Necessity: modal logic, modal semantics and modal metaphysics,” article in progress. Abstract  pdf



  • “Geometric Models for Relevant Logics”, p. 223–239 in Alasdair Urquhart on Nonclassical and Algebraic Logic and Complexity of Proofs, Edited by Ivo Duntsch and Edwin Mares, Springer. Abstract  pdf


  • (with Shawn Standefer and Rohan French) “Proofs and Models in Naive Property Theory: A Response to Hartry Field's “Properties, Propositions and Conditionals”,” Australasian Philosophical Review, 4:2 (2020), 162–177. Abstract  pdf


  • “Two Negations are More than One,” p. 455–468 in Graham Priest on Dialetheism and Paraconsistency, edited by Can Başkent, Thomas Macaulay Ferguson, Springer. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Francesco Berto) “Negation on the Australian Plan,” Journal of Philosophical Logic, 48:6 (2019), 1119–1144 Abstract  pdf
  • “Generality and Existence I: Quantification and Free Logic,” Review of Symbolic Logic, 12 (2019) 1–29. Abstract  pdf






  • “Normal Proofs, Cut Free Derivations and Structural Rules,” Studia Logica 102:6 (2014) 1143–1166. Abstract  pdf
  • “Pluralism and Proofs,” Erkenntnis 79:2 (2014) 279–291. Abstract  pdf


  • “Assertion, Denial and Non-Classical Theories,” pp. 81–99 in Paraconsistency: Logic and Applications, edited by Koji Tanaka, Francesco Berto, Edwin Mares and Francesco Paoli, 2013. Abstract  pdf
  • Special Issue of the Logic Journal of the IGPL on Non-Classical Mathematics, Volume 21, issue 1, 2013. Abstract  pdf


  • New Waves in Philosophical Logic, edited by Greg Restall and Gillian Russell, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. Abstract
  • “A Cut-Free Sequent System for Two-Dimensional Modal Logic—and why it matters,” Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 2012 (163:11) 1611–1623 Abstract  pdf
  • “Models for Liars in Bradwardine's Theory of Truth,” pages 99–114 in Insolubles and Consequences: Essays in Honour of Stephen Read, edited by Catarina Dutilh Novaes and Ole Thomassen Hjortland, College Publications, 2012 Abstract  pdf
  • (with Conrad Asmus) “History of Logical Consequence,” pages 11–62 in Volume 11 of the The Handbook of the History of Logic, Dov Gabbay, Francis Jeffry Pelletier and John Woods (editors), North-Holland 2012. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Francesca Poggiolesi) “Interpreting and Applying Proof Theories for Modal Logics,” in New Waves in Philosophical Logic, edited by Greg Restall and Gillian Russell, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Jc Beall, Ross Brady, Michael Dunn, Allen Hazen, Edwin Mares, Robert K. Meyer, Graham Priest, David Ripley, John Slaney and Richard Sylvan) “On the Ternary Relation and Conditionality,” Journal of Philosophical Logic (2012) 41:3, pp. 595–612. Abstract  pdf
  • “Molinism and the Thin Red Line,”, p. 227–238 in Molinism and Contemporary Philosophy of Religion, ed. K. Perszyk, OUP. Abstract  pdf


  • “Anti-Realist Classical Logic and Realist Mathematics,” pp.269–284 in The Realism-Antirealism Debate in the Age of Alternative Logics, edited by Shahid Rahman, Giuseppi Primiero and Mathieu Marion, Springer, 2011 Abstract  pdf
  • “Logic in Australasia,” to appear in The Antipodean Philosopher, edited by Graham Oppy, N. N. Trakakis, Lynda Burns, Steven Gardner and Fiona Leigh, Lexington Books. Abstract  pdf


  • (with Edwin Mares and Jeremy Seligman) “Situations, Constrains and Channels,” p. 329–344 in Handbook of Logic and Language (second edition), edited by Johan van Benthem and Alice ter Meulen, Elsevier. Abstract  pdf
  • “Always More,” p. 223–229 in Logica Yearbook 2009, edited by Michal Pelis, College Publications, 2010. Abstract  pdf
  • “Decorated Linear Order Types and the Theory of Concatenation,” with Vedran Čačić, Pavel Pudlák, Alasdair Urquhart and Albert Visser, p. 1–13 in Logic Colloquium 2007, ed. F. Delon, U. Kohlenbach, P. Maddy and F. Stephan, Cambridge University Press, 2010. Abstract  pdf
  • “Proof Theory and Meaning: the context of deducibility,” p. 204–219 in Logic Colloquium 2007, ed. F. Delon, U. Kohlenbach, P. Maddy and F. Stephan, Cambridge University Press, 2010. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Gillian Russell) “Barriers to Consequence,” p. 243–259 in Hume on Is and Ought, edited by Charles Pigden, Palgrave, 2010. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Marta Bílková, Ondrej Majer and Michal Peliš), “Relevant Agents,” pages 22–38, in Advances in Modal Logic, Volume 8, College Publications, 2010. Abstract  pdf
  • “On t and u, and what they can do” Analysis 70:4 (2010) 673–676. Abstract  pdf
  • “What are we to accept, and what are we to reject, when saving truth from paradox?” Philosophical Studies 147:3 (2010) 433–443. Abstract  pdf


  • “Models for Substructural Arithmetics,' Miscellanea Logica, 1–20 (2009), edited by Marta Bílková. Abstract  pdf
  • Greg Restall and Tony Roy “On Permutation in Simplified Semantics,” Journal of Philosophical Logic, 38:3 (2009) 333–341. Abstract  pdf
  • “A Priori Truths,” pages 37-50 in Central Issues in Philosophy, edited by John Shand, Blackwell, 2009. Abstract  pdf
  • “Truth Values and Proof Theory,” Studia Logica, 92:2 (2009) 241–264. Abstract  pdf
  • Sam Butchart, Toby Handfield and Greg Restall, “Using Peer Instruction to Teach Philosophy, Logic and Critical Thinking” Teaching Philosophy, 32:1 (2009) 1–40. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Rebecca Kukla and Mark Lance) Appendix to Rebecca Kukla and Mark Lance 'Yo!' and 'Lo!': the pragmatic topography of the space of reasons, Harvard University Press, 2009. Abstract


  • “Models for Liars in Bradwardine's Theory of Truth,” pages 135-147 in Unity, Truth and the Liar: The Modern Relevance of Medieval Solutions to the Liar Paradox edited by Shahid Rahman, Tero Tulenheimo and Emmanuel Genot, Springer, 2008. Abstract  pdf
  • “Truthmakers, Entailment and Necessity 2008,” an addendum to “Truthmakers, Entailment and Necessity,” pages 98–101 in Truth and Truth-making, edited by E. J. Lowe and A. Rami, Acumen, 2008. Abstract  pdf
  • “Modal Models for Bradwardine's Theory of Truth,” Review of Symbolic Logic 1 (2008), 225-240. Special issue on Mathematical Methods in Philosophy, edited by Richard Zach, Alasdair Urquhart and Aldo Antonelli. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Tim Bayne) “A Participatory Theory of the Atonement,” pages 150–166 in New Waves in Philosophy of Religion, edited by Yujin Nagasawa and Erik Wielenberg, Palgrave, 2008. Abstract  pdf
  • “Assertion and Denial, Commitment and Entitlement, and Incompatibility (and some consequence),” Studies in Logic 1 (2008), 26–36. Abstract  pdf
  • “Curry’s Revenge: the costs of non-classical solutions to the paradoxes of self-reference,” in The Revenge of the Liar, ed. JC Beall, Oxford University Press, pages 262–271, 2008. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Graham Priest) "Envelopes and Indifference," pages 283-290 in Dialogues, Logics and Other Strange Things, essays in honour of Shahid Rahman, edited by Cédric Dégremont, Laurent Keiff and Helge Rückert, College Publications, 2008. Abstract  pdf


  • “Review of Universal Logic by Ross Brady,” The Bulletin Symbolic Logic 14 (2007) 544–547. Abstract  pdf
  • “Proof Theory and Meaning: on second order logic,” pp 157–170 in Logica 2007 Yearbook, edited by Michal Pelis, Filosofia, 2008. Abstract  pdf
  • “Proofnets for S5: sequents and circuits for modal logic,” pages 151–172 in Logic Colloquium 2005, C. Dimitracopoulos, L. Newelski, and D. Normann (eds.), number 28 in Lecture Notes in Logic. Cambridge University Press, 2007. Abstract  pdf
  • “Symbolic Logic,” entry in the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, William A. Darity (editor), Macmillan 2007. Abstract  pdf


  • “Logics, Situations and Channels,” Journal of Cognitive Science 6:125–150, 2005 (appeared in print in 2006). Abstract  pdf
  • “Questions and Answers on Formal Philosophy,” pages 97–104 in Masses of Formal Philosophy, edited by Vincent F. Hendricks and John Symonds, Automatic Press, 2006 Abstract  pdf
  • (with JC Beall, Ross T. Brady, A. P. Hazen and Graham Priest) “Relevant Restricted Quantification,” Journal of Philosophical Logic, 35:6 (2006), 587–598. Abstract  pdf
  • “Relevant and Substructural Logics” pages 289–398 in the Handbook of the History of Logic, Volume 7, Logic and the Modalities in the Twentieth Century, edited by Dov Gabbay and John Woods, Elsevier, 2006. Abstract  pdf
  • Logic, Routledge, 2006. Abstract
  • (with JC Beall) Logical Pluralism, Oxford University Press, 2006. Abstract


  • Logical Consequence” an entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2005. Abstract
  • “Constant Domain Quantified Modal Logics without Boolean Negation,” Australasian Journal of Logic, 3 (2005), 45-62. Available online at the AJL. Abstract  pdf
  • “Łukasiewicz, Supervaluations and the Future,” Logic and Philosophy of Science, 3 (2005), 1-10. Abstract  pdf
  • Entries "Belnap, Nuel Dinsmore Jr." and "Lambert, J. Karel" from the Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers edited by John R. Shook, Thoemmes Continuum, 2005. Abstract  pdf
  • “Minimalists about Truth can (and should) be Epistemicists, and it helps if they are revision theorists too,” pages 97–106 in JC Beall and Bradley Armour-Garb, Deflationism and Paradox, Oxford University Press, 2005. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Daniel Nolan and Caroline West) “Moral Fictionalism versus the rest,” Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 83 (2005), 307–330. Abstract  pdf
  • “Multiple Conclusions,” in Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science: Proceedings of the Twelfth International Congress, edited by Petr Hajek, Luis Valdes-Villanueva and Dag Westerstahl, Kings' College Publications, 2005, 189–205. Abstract  pdf
  • “Not Every Truth Can Be Known: at least, not all at once”, pages 339-354 in New Essays on the Knowability Paradox, edited by Joe Salerno, Oxford University Press, 2009. Abstract  pdf
  • (with Francesco Paoli) “The Geometry of Non-Distributive Logics”, Journal of Symbolic Logic 70:4 (2005) 1108–1126. Abstract  pdf


  • “One Way to Face Facts,” The Philosophical Quarterly, 54 (2004) 420–426. Abstract  pdf
  • “Laws of Non-Contradiction, Laws of the Excluded Middle and Logics,” pages 73–85, G. Priest, JC Beall, B. Armour-Garb, The Law of Non-Contradiction; New Philosophical Essays, Oxford University Press, 2004. Abstract  pdf
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  • “Great Moments in Logic” published online, 2004. Abstract



  • (with Robert K. Meyer) “ ‘Strenge’ Arithmetics,” Logique et Analyse 42 (1999) 205–220 (published in 2002). Abstract  pdf
  • “Carnap's Tolerance, Meaning and Logical Pluralism,” Journal of Philosophy 99 (2002) 426–443. Abstract  pdf
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  • “Constructive Logic, Truth and Warranted Assertibility,” Philosophical Quarterly, 51 (2001) 474–483. Abstract  pdf
  • (with JC Beall) “Defending Logical Pluralism,” pages 1–22 in Logical Consequence: Rival Approaches Proceedings of the 1999 Conference of the Society of Exact Philosophy (Stanmore: Hermes, 2001), John Woods and Bryson Brown (editors), ISBN 1-903398-17-5. Abstract  pdf


  • JC Beall and Greg Restall “Logical Pluralism”, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 78:4 (2000) 475–493 Abstract  pdf
  • “Defining Double Negation Elimination,” Logic Journal of the IGPL, 8 (2000) 853–860. Abstract  pdf
  • An Introduction to Substructural Logics, Routledge, 2000. Abstract


  • “Negation in Relevant Logics: How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Routley Star,” in What is Negation? edited by Dov Gabbay and Heinrich Wansing, Volume 13 in the Applied Logic Series, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pages 53-76, 1999. Abstract  pdf



  • “Extending Intuitionistic Logic with Subtraction,” Online Notes, 1997. Abstract  pdf
  • “Combining Possibilities and Negations,” Studia Logica, 59 (1997) 121–140. Abstract  pdf
  • “Paraconsistent Logics!,” Bulletin of the Section of Logic of the Polish Academy of Sciences 26 (1997) 156–163. Abstract  pdf


  • “Display Logic and Gaggle Theory,” Reports on Mathematical Logic, 29 (1995) 133–146 (published in 1996). Abstract  pdf
  • “Truthmakers, Entailment and Necessity,” Australian Journal of Philosophy, 74 (1996) 331–340. Abstract  pdf


  • “Realistic Belief Revision,” with John Slaney, Proceedings of the First World Congress in the Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (Paris, July 1995), 367–378. Abstract  pdf
  • “Arithmetic and Truth in Łukasiewicz’s Infinitely Valued Logic,” Logique et Analyse, 36 (1993) 25–38 (published in 1995). Abstract  pdf
  • “Modalities in Substructural Logics,” Logique et Analyse, 35 (1992) 303–321 (published in 1995). 420–426. Abstract  pdf
  • “Four-Valued Semantics for Relevant Logics (and some of their rivals),” Journal of Philosophical Logic 24 (1995) 139–160. Abstract  pdf
  • “Information Flow and Relevant Logic,” in Logic, Language and Computation: The 1994 Moraga Proceedings, Jerry Seligman and Dag Westerståhl (editors) CSLI Press, 1995, pages 463–477. Abstract  pdf
  • “Nietzsche, Insight and Immorality,” Zadok Occasional Paper S95, 1998. Abstract  pdf



  • “Deviant Logic and the Paradoxes of Self-Reference,” Philosophical Studies, 70 (1993) 279–303. Abstract  pdf
  • “How to be Really Contraction Free” Studia Logica 52 (1993) 381–391. Abstract  pdf
  • “Simplified Semantics for Relevant Logics (and some of their rivals)” Journal of Philosophical Logic 22 (1993) 481–511. Abstract  pdf


  • “A Note on Naïve Set Theory in LP,” Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 33 (1992) 422–432. Abstract  pdf


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