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Late last month, my little manuscript on Proofs and Models in Philosophical Logic was published by Cambridge University Press. This, like all entries in the new Cambridge Elements series, is a tiny little manscript, with an aim to give students, and researchers in allied fields, a quick, accessible introduction to a research topic and current methods. My mansucript is a breezy 84 pages, and it tries to introduce the role of proofs and models in contemporary philosophical logic, with a focus on work on the paradoxes.

You can download the book for free on the Cambridge University Press website until April 13. After that, you’ll need to either buy a hardcopy or an electronic copy, or access it with some institutional subscription.

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Leaving Melbourne

30 June 2021

As June 2021 turns to a close, this is my last official day at The University of Melbourne. I’ve taught my last classes, the marking for the semester is all done, I’ve wound up all my committee work, I’ve supervised my last undergraduate theses, and wrapped up all the end-of-semester administration. I’m now packing up my office (which I’ve rarely seen over the last 18 months) and tying up lots of loose ends.

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As I write this, the first week of the second semester of 2020 is nearing its end, and I’ve taught my first two seminars in Logical Methods, my main undergraduate teaching responsibility for this semester. Melbourne has just entered Stage 4 of its lockdown, as we attempt to deal with the ongoing community transmission of COVID-19. The streets are quiet, it has been over four months since I’ve been on campus, and all my teaching is done from the chair at my desk in my study, peering into the 15 inch screen of my laptop, with the green cyclops dot in the middle of the top screen bezel showing that yet again, my image is being transmitted across the internet, to students scattered across Melbourne, across Australia, and across the world.

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Notes from a Pandemic

27 May 2020

I’ve been up to a few things during the pandemic. Quite a few things, it seems. Here are links to some of the traces you can find elsewhere on the internet. I wouldn’t say that I’ve become good at using Zoom, but I have been doing a heck of a lot of it. My three subjects for this semester moved online, and running seminars, workshops, classes over Zoom has become a part (only a part) of keeping the ship going.

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Teaching Logical Methods

14 November 2019

It’s been a big year. At the start of 2019, Shawn Standefer and I decided to throw all our cards in the air and upend the curriculum for the Level 2 logic unit in the philosophy program here at Melbourne. We wrote 200 pages of a draft textbook (while I really should have been finishing my other book). Shawn designed and implemented a whole raft of multiple choice practice questions, and we worked on a range of class activities to help our class of 60 students grapple with the material.

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Recent Writing

  • Structural Rules in Natural Deduction with Alternatives (article in progress) Abstract  pdf
  • (with Shawn Standefer) “Collection Frames for Distributive Substructural Logics,” to appear in the Review of Symbolic Logic. Abstract  pdf
  • Proofs and Models in Philosophical Logic (Elements in Philosophy and Logic). Cambridge University Press, 2022. Abstract
  • Questions, Justification Requests, Inference, and Definition (article in progress) Abstract  pdf
  • Proofs with Star and Perp (article in progress) Abstract  pdf

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