Proofs and what they’re good for

May 18, 2016

I’m giving a talk entitled “Proofs and what they’re good for” at the University of Sydney Philosophy Seminar on May 18, 2016.

Abstract: I present a new account of the nature of proof, with the aim of explaining how proof could actually play the role in reasoning that it does, and answering some long-standing puzzles about the nature of proof, including (1) how it is that a proof transmits warrant (2) Lewis Carroll’s dilemma concerning Achilles and the Tortoise and the coherence of questioning basic proof rules like modus ponens, and (3) how we can avoid logical omniscience without committing ourselves to inconsistency.


I’m Greg Restall, and this is my personal website. I am the Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews, and the Director of the Arché Philosophical Research Centre for Logic, Language, Metaphysics and Epistemology I like thinking about – and helping other people think about – logic and philosophy and the many different ways they can inform each other.


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