Łukasiewicz, Supervaluations and the Future

March 2005

“Łukasiewicz, Supervaluations and the Future,” Logic and Philosophy of Science, 3 (2005), 1-10.

In this paper I consider an interpretation of future contingents which motivates a unification of a Łukasiewicz style logic with the more classical supervaluational semantics. This in turn motivates a new non-classical logic modelling what is “made true by history up until now.” I give a simple Hilbert-style proof theory, and a soundness and completeness argument for the proof theory with respect to the intended models.

This paper is available at http://www.units.it/~episteme/L&PS_Vol3No1/contents_L&PS_Vol3No1.htm.

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You are welcome to download and read this document. I welcome feedback on it. Please check the final published version if you wish to cite it. Thanks.


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