Special Issue of the Logic Journal of the IGPL on Non-Classical Mathematics, Volume 21, issue 1, 2013.


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A special issue of the Logic Journal of the IGPL, on Non-Classical Mathematics.

  • Editorial Preface, Libor Bĕhounek, Greg Restall, and Giovanni Sambin.
  • "Mathematical pluralism," Graham Priest
  • "A first constructive look at the comparison of projections," Douglas S. Bridges and Luminiţa S. Vîţa
  • "Lipschitz functions in constructive reverse mathematics," Iris Loeb
  • "Constructive version of Boolean algebra," Francesco Ciraulo, Maria Emilia Maietti, and Paola Toto
  • "A generalized cut characterization of the fullness axiom in CZF," Laura Crosilla, Erik Palmgren, and Peter Schuster
  • "Interpreting lattice-valued set theory in fuzzy set theory," Petr Hájek and Zuzana Haniková
  • "On equality and natural numbers in Cantor-Łukasiewicz set theory," Petr Hájek
  • "Identity taken seriously: a non-classical approach," Chris Mortensen
  • "Strong, universal and provably non-trivial set theory by means of adaptive logic," Peter Verdee

The entire issue can be found here.

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