May 14, 2002

Jobs in logic are pretty rare. So now that Auckland is advertising, you should hop to it and apply. Auckland has one of the largest and most diverse philosophy departments in Australasia, and it's a good place to be.

Auckland University, New Zealand, Department of Philosophy. Lecturer (=USA Assistant Professor), tenure track; semester system, 1.5 - 2 courses per semester, undergraduate and graduate; thesis supervision; standard non-teaching duties. AOS: logic, AOC: open; significant teaching experience strongly preferred. Closing date for applications, 4th Nov. 2002. Preferred start date Feb. 1st 2003. The Department aims to bring shortlisted candidates to Auckland for interview in late November/early December and to offer by the end of December. The University of Auckland is an Equal Opportunities Employer. For further information, see the Department's website or contact Professor Rosalind Hursthouse.

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