June 4, 2002

Today's listening: those tracks in my playlist featuring God: Rejoice in God O Ye Tongues [Benjamin Britten] ¶ God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen [Bruce Cockburn] ¶ Play God [Chagall Guevara] ¶ God's tender mercy knows no bounds (solo soprano) [George Frederic Handel] ¶ That God is great (solo baixo) [George Frederic Handel] ¶ God's Dub [John Daly and U2] ¶ Black Angel (God Music) [Kronos Quartet] ¶ Get Right With God [Lucinda Williams] ¶ Godchild [Miles Davis] ¶ God Moving [Moby] ¶ God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [T-Bone Burnett] ¶ God Part II [U2] ¶ If God Will Send His Angels [U2]

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