March 30, 2004

The mathematically/logically/physically minded among you should take a look at “The internal description of a causal set: What the universe looks like from the inside” by Fotini Markopoulou. (Found from a reference to in two papers by John Bell, which was found in turn by way of Brian Weatherson.) This is interesting, deep material at the intersection between the semantics for non-classical logics and difficult physics.

Some handwritten slides are available for a talk she gave on the topic. Handwritten slides from talks given by mathematicians or physicists are often very revealing: they present the flavour of the material succinctly and often with flair and character. Will this survive the transition to digital production of slides?

[This was a snippets entry, but by the time I got to paragraph 2, I realised it was time for it to move left.]

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