April 21, 2004

I’ve just heard that the AJL will soon appear in the DEST Register of Refereed Journals. This makes me happy.

If you are an editor of a refereed journal, please take the time to get your journal registered on this list. (It’s not difficult. The submission process is straightforward.) If you are on this list, then Australians who publish in your journal will not have to bug you for a letter indicating that your journal peer-referees its articles. (Why? Because peer review makes an article count in DEST’s scheme assigning brownie points for research output, which means more money for your institution, hence the need to prove it.) So, being on the register saves you, the journal editor (or your admin staff if you’re lucky enough to have any, I suppose) time.

Being on the register will also make you attractive to Australian authors. I note that precious few philosophy or journals are yet on the register. Consider this a plea to get more on that list.

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