May 10, 2004

This looks very nice indeed: The Haskell Road is a textbook on elementary logic, mathematics and programming, based around my favourite programming language Haskell.

I’m glad that this wasn’t the textbook in my introductory computer science course, long ago in 1986. If it were, I may have fallen in love with computing and never become a philosopher.

Parenthetical remark 1: How a textbook based on Haskell, a computer programming language that wasn’t even defined in 1986 is a matter for counterfactual speculation.

Parenthetical remark 2: I did do a section on Miranda in a Declarative Programming course in my second year, in 1987. I see now that this was pretty cutting-edge stuff. By this time, however, the mystique of late night (and all night) debugging sessions had well-and-truly worn off, and I’ve become a philosopher, after a brief stint trying to become a mathematician instead.

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