What's been happening around here

I suppose I should post something, even though the urge to post seems to have gone for a while over the last months. Let me fill you in on what’s been happening around here.

  • I’ve been doing work with Mark Lance, who’s been visiting the Philosophy Department for a couple of months to do research with me. This has been immensely productive. We seem to have a new story to tell about how to get semantics out of pragmatics. Once you get a general story about the normative significance of acts right, it’s much easier to tell a general story about the normative significiance of speech acts. Or so it appears to us. Expect to see a paper draft over in the writing area before too long. If all goes well, it seems like we’ll be committed to a book length project on this in the next few years.

  • I’ve been loving my teaching. Just doing intro logic has been a dream, and the students seem to be keen and bright, and the lectures have been fun. That they manage to (1) laugh at my jokes, (2) listen to the content, (3) engage and ask smart questions, makes teaching very easy.

  • I’ve been battling a few minor illnesses over the last few weeks, just as winter slowly battles with the emerging spring.

  • I’ve assembled a few random pieces from IKEA, slowly making our home more homely.

  • I’ve been writing up a couple of talks for the logic-seminars here on proof shape. The work on quantifiers and modal operators seems to be stabilising, and I think I know how to best state the formal results. Alas, the seminar room won’t have digital projection, and I won’t have completed making digital slides with beamer anyway, so I’m resorting to the old multicolour pens and overhead transparencies. I haven’t done that for years.

  • C, Z and I have been enjoying becoming a part of Living Room.

  • I’m fighting my way through administrative tasks, such as applying for study leave in Semester 2, 2005, and completing my probation report, so that I get confirmed in my position here and not booted out of the university, and other tasks too tedious to recite.

That’s it for me for now. I’ll be back with something more philosophically illuminating later, when I write up a quick response here to Nicole Wyatt’s nice paper criticising JC’s and my position on logical pluralism.


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