We're off in almost a month: I've got to get ready!

I’ve taught my last classes for 2005. I’m officially on study leave from July 1, until December 31. We’re off on our journey from July 13. First, Denmark, where I’ll be looking after Z, while Christine works with a colleague. (Z and I plan to have some fun in our time there.) Then I’m off to the Logic Colloquium 2005, in Athens, and ESSLLI2005 in Edinburgh, and a week’s retreat on the island of Iona, before heading down to Oxford, where we’ll both be Visiting Scholars at Wolfson. (You can keep track of our travels in the “Events” sidebar on this site.)

It’s very exciting, but there’s heaps to do, and if I need advice on travel, I’ll post questions here. Here’s my first:

  • I’m visiting the U.K. and Europe for six months, and I’ll want to use a mobile. Should I buy a prepaid sim card for my (triband) phone that I’ll be bringing with me? What should I do if I wanted to use my phone through Europe without paying too much in roaming fees? Keep in mind that I’ll be arriving first on the continent, and then going the UK.

Do you have any advice? If you do, post in the comments on this entry. Thanks!


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