Logic Colloquium 2005 and ESSLLI 2005

I’m teaching some classes on proof theory at Logic Colloquium 2005 and ESSLLI 2005 soon. Spurred on a little bit by discussion of commentary at conferences, I’ve wondered a little bit about how I can get interesting feedback going during/after the presentations. (The material I’ll be teaching is from the book, which is a Work very-much-in Progress so I’m keen to get feedback on how it comes across.)

Obviously, I’ll point everyone to the wiki, and set up spaces for people to write comments after the talk. (That’s a given.) But I’m sure that lots of people will have wireless-equipped laptops on the scene when I’m there. Wikis aren’t the best for group communication in real-time, or joint simultaneous writing/editing of a document. It strikes me now (after only thinking about it for a teensy bit) that I could host a document in SubEthaEdit for all of the mac users to take notes together. That’s fine for collaborative notetaking. People could use that as a way to take notes, write up questions, etc.

If you’re coming to LC2005 or to ESSLLI2005, do you think that would be useful? If so, bring your computer along! Do you have anything else to recommend?


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