July 8, 2005

The Australasian Journal of Logic is firing on all cylinders again. As the managing editor, there was a period in this last semester where I wasn’t managing very well, and things piled up and got the better of me for quite some time. To speak overly frankly for a moment, I got quite depressed over the state that things were in and over my own disorganisation. Unfortunately, being depressed is not a good condition in which to be motivated to do anything about that which you’re depressed about.

Anyway, after a few solid days of working at it, sending things off, writing reports, collating information, copy-editing, typesetting, emailing, coding HTML, uploading, etc., I have something to show for it. And I’m feeling much better about it all, too. So, without further ado: Here’s the start of Volume 3: 2005. I’m quite proud of it. Thanks to the authors, and to my referees and readers.

There are currently eighteen other papers in various stages of the submission pipeline, so you should expect us to be much more productive over the last half of 2005, when compared to the first.

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