August 18, 2005

Too many things are happening for me to spend any time posting here until the whirl of activity settles down. Still, people have been wondering what’s going on, so here’s a bit of a run-down.

  • After Logic Colloquium, I went back to Denmark to rejoin the family, to have a holiday in Blokhus with close friends. Much fun was had, involving sand dunes, beaches, rain, driving on the other side of the road, etc.

  • From Blokhus we trained to Copenhagen, where we all had more holiday, involving Tivoli (in the rain), Danish icecream, cathedrals, public transport, and a flash designer hostel. (Photographic evidence of some of this can be found here.)

  • From Copenhagen we flew to Heathrow (let me tell you, flying in to Heathrow from merely one timezone away is qualitatively different from flying in from the antipodes) to catch a bus to Oxford, to spy out the land. Unfortunately, spying out the land involved learning that our college had failed to find us accommodation for our stay, and that we were flung onto the open rental market.

  • From there, a train to Edinburgh, where we’re staying in a B&B in North Queensferry with a wonderful host (thanks, Molly!) and a view over the water.

  • Days involve train trips into Edinburgh (or Glasgow), enjoying the vibe of festival crowds, going to the Tattoo on Monday night, and me teaching at ESSLLI. That’s been fun, but my mind has been elsewhere much of the time attempting to arrange accommodation for Oxford by the internet and by telephone.

  • Thankfully (and with much help from our Oxford friends, Steven and Emma) we have secured a little two-bedroom house up Banbury Road from our college. So now we can enjoy the rest of our time in Edinburgh a little more, and we can completely rest up and enjoy our retreat in Iona next week.

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