November 18, 2005

I’ve given my two talks here in St. Andrews, with really useful discussion in both of the talks. In the philosophy talk, questions ranged from matters of meaning theory, metaphysics and epistemology of possibility and necessity. Thanks especially to Daniel Nolan, Carrie Jenkins, Marcus Rossberg, Ole Thomassen Hjortland, Crispin Wright, Stephen Read and other people whose webpages I haven’t yet found.

Then on the next day in my talk in computer science, I had a great discussion with Roy Dyckhoff and Robert Rothenberg on converting the sequent system in my paper on S5 into one with invertible rules, which can then be used as an implementation. It seems to work. (Photographic evidence is here.)

Yesterday, I went to three other talks on truth and paradox, by Hartry, Graham and JC. Now that I’m thoroughly over-paradoxed, I’ve got the morning to recover before we attempt to solve the problems of vagueness. (This should be fun because I have no settled opinion on matters of vagueness, so I’ll look at this more dispassionately, and I’ll be free to heckle from the back of the audience.)

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