January 4, 2006

This morning found Z and me in the grocery store, doing yet more re-stocking of the pantry. Here are some hastily selected observations.

  • Organic and fairtrade food has significantly higher market presence in the UK than in Australia. Our nearest Sainsbury’s had many more organic products than can be found in either of the two major chains here in Australia. In our local supermarket, the paltry selection of organic products is filed away in the small “health food” section, than distributed through the relevant parts of the shop. This makes comparison with other products difficult.

  • There’s much more fresh food available in Australia, and correspondingly fewer pre-prepared meals. Don’t even get me started talking about that UK phenomenon Iceland. No, it does not feature Icelandic cuisine…

  • A 2 Litre plastic milk bottle looks very odd once you’ve been buying milk in the UK for a few months.

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