May 31, 2006

We’ve finished lectures for the semester, and I’m officially recovering. It was fun teaching Logic and Non-Classical Logic, but it was also a hard slog. Next semester I have a light teaching load, with my honours logic seminar.

The highlight last week was Richard Zach’s visit. He gave two nice talks. One on vagueness and logic – setting out different options for logic and semantics in the light of vagueness – and the other, on the epsilon calculus. (How Richard managed to get through the content of his big paper with Georg Moser in an hour with each of us following everything, I have no idea, but he did.)

Now I have to slog through some marking, and some writing. This weekend, however, I’m in Adelaide for a little ``logic axis” meeting. I’ll give a talk on fixing up Prawitz’s proof theory for the positive fragment of the relevant logic R. I’m still working on the written version of the paper.

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