August 5, 2007

I gave a talk on Logic in Australia at Monash University’s Arts in Action festival in early June. (This was a part of a long-running project on a History of Australasian Philosophy. The talk is now appearing, in two parts, on the (wonderful) ABC Radio National program, The Philosopher’s Zone. The first part was broadcast this weekend, but the audio can be downloaded from their website for the next four weeks. That was the first half of the talk, on possible worlds. The second half, on paraconsistency, will be broadcast next week.

In the talk, I made heavy use of digital projection. I think you can follow the talk without it, but if you want to see the pretty pictures and diagrams, you can download the slides of the talk here:

  • Logic in 22.5MB Quicktime file. (Navigate it by clicking or by using the arrow keys.)
  • Logic in Australia.pdf 3.3MB PDF file. (This does not have all of the fancy transitions in the quicktime file.)
  • Logic in 3.8MB compressed keynote file. (This has all the fancy transitions, and is the original document, but it requires Apple’s Keynote presentation program to view.)

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