March 30, 2008

Alas, we are in the news for not-very-good reasons. Given the recent retirements in Philosophy at Melbourne, it would be worse than surprising if any of the new redundancies hit Philosophy. However, the atmosphere around here not good – what concerns us most is the scope for new hiring when the Faculty as a whole is in the red so much. It is very hard to effectively plan ahead when so much is in flux and you’re not sure whether your efforts will benefit the discipline.

I hope to find out more when we hear what the Dean and the Vice Chancellor has to say at a meeting of all Arts Faculty staff this Tuesday. Let’s hope that they can articulate something that goes beyond slashing positions to rectify a budget hole.

I’m sorry to start posting on something so grim, but “trouble at t’mill” has been on our minds since mid-2007. I hope to post more about more enjoyable things soon.

Meanwhile, take a look at my writing page. There are quite a few new items there.

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