Bag packed, let's go!

Bag packed, ticket & passport at the ready, computer charged, phone charged and synced, books to read located, papers to read/referee/assess all printed or downloaded.

I must be going on a flight. The trip takes me from Melbourne to Singapore to Amsterdam to Tallinn to Tartu, and then I retrace my steps to get back here in ten days. That’s too much plane and airport time for my money, but I fully expect that this will be worth the discomfort. Oh, the day-and-a-bit stopover in Amsterdam should be worth it too.


I’m Greg Restall, and this is my personal website. I am the Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews, and the Director of the Arché Philosophical Research Centre for Logic, Language, Metaphysics and Epistemology I like thinking about – and helping other people think about – logic and philosophy and the many different ways they can inform each other.


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