August 28, 2008

If this is Thursday, it must be Tartu. The conference starts today, and I’m up first. The nerves have started to jangle just a bit, since the audience is about as high-powered as any in my experience at international conferences.

It’s just as well as those who intimidate me the most this time around (due to their all-round awesomeness combined with the fact that this is the first time I’ve met them) – Per Martin-Löf, Dag Prawitz and Johan van Benthem – are uniformly warm and personable. (I can’t help but wonder if that will make it better or worse when the knife gets sunk in to my position.)

Depending on time, attention and lots of other factors, I’ll try blogging a bit from the conference, though I won’t promise to keep up through the entire thing. So, if you’re here and I don’t mention your presentation, please don’t hold that against me. It’s hard enough to keep your attention up over an entire conference, let alone write something sensible, meaningful and worth-posting-on-the-internet about each and every talk at a conference.

My talk starts in roughly three hours from now. Wish me luck!

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