We’re going on a holiday! Tomorrow at noon, we’ll be on a Qantas 747 to LA, and at the other end, the three of us will be enjoying four weeks of break. It’s mostly time off for all of us, with a few detours for work talks for me (at Pitt, and at UConn) and for Christine (at Harvard, San Diego, Berkeley and maybe Stanford). It’s our ‘consolation tour’ in place of what was our original plan: a year in the USA, based in Pittsburgh. That fell through—it’s a complicated story, all to do with Melbourne, nothing to do with Pitt, where people have been generous, understanding and gracious. Anyway, I’m not visiting Pitt for a year, but we’re touring the US, having a break, seeing the sights (like the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and Las Vegas) and visiting friends.

At Pittsburgh, I’ll finally get to meet Shawn whose blog I’ve read for ages, and Anil, whose work I’ve read and learned from for much longer. At UConn, I’ll catch up with Jc, which is always a blast, and Marcus, who’s moved there. I’ve also got the honour of giving the inaugural annual lecture of the UConn Logic Group.

I won’t be posting here unless I get web access, and I think that this isn’t a priority on the holiday. But after I’m back in February, I expect to be posting here more often.


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