Bob Meyer

Earlier today I received the sad news that Bob Meyer, my former colleague at the ANU, and friend, two-time collaborator, died last night, after a long struggle with cancer.

Bob will be sorely missed by many of us. His warmth and humour, his brilliance, and his willingness to talk logic (and much more) to anyone and everyone, will all be impossible to replace. If I manage to show a small fraction of both his logical insight, and his ability to communicate difficult concepts with good humour and wit, I’ll be a happy philosophical logician.

This weekend I’m off to Adelaide for one of our many Adelaide–Melbourne logic weekend funfests. This time it will be a bittersweet occasion, with many opportunities share our stories of the Maximum Leader of the Logicians’ Liberation League, and to toast his passing.

Elsewhere, David Chalmers remembers Bob fondly and links to some photos, and points to Bob’s notorious paper in which he proves that God’s existence is equivalent to the axiom of choice.

Thanks, Bob, for all you’ve done for me. My work and my life has been enriched in having you as a part of it.


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