June 19, 2009

Posting has been light, since I’ve been powering through work at the end of the semester, and getting ready for a quick trip west to Europe, for Non-Classical Mathematics 2009 and Logica 2009, preceded by a quick visit to Dresden to see Heinrich Wansing, and to break up the train trip from Frankfurt to Prague.

So, posting here has paused for a bit, but now that I’m settled in Hejnice and that there’s a wireless connection here, I can deal with some of my backlog of things I’ve promised to post. So, here’s a salad of links for you.

  • My Faculty, the Arts Faculty, at the University of Melbourne, is holding a short Winter School on July 15 and 16, for students from Ausralia (but outside Victoria), to come and get a taste of the range of research done in the Faculty. If you’re from inside Australia but outside Victoria, you’re a ‘high achieving honours student’, and you’d like a trip to Melbourne to see what we do, please apply. Applications close June 22, so you’ve got to be quick!

  • I’m helping organise ICLC2009, the Intenational Conference on Logic and Cognition at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, held from November 2 to 4, 2009. The deadline for getting your paper in for this conference is a leisurely October 1, 2009. Guangzhou is great (I was there last year and had a wonderful time at the Institute for Logic and Cognition), and if you can come along, please do submit a paper.

  • Nick Griffin and Bernard Linsky are hosting PM@100, a conference on the 100th Anniversary of the publication of Principia Mathematica. That conference is from 21–24 May, 2010 at McMaster University in Ontario, and paper submissions are due only on January 1, 2010, so for this you have more time to get things together.

  • There is no deadline at all for joining Friends of the SEP Society. Are you a Friend of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy? So many of us – students, academics, interested readers – use it for our research, and it’s a great resource for everyone. If you’re a regular user of the SEP (and if you’re interested in philosophy, who wouldn’t be?), consider joining the Society to help support the work of the Encyclopedia. For a small fee, you support the encyclopedia, you help it keep up its mission of free, high quality introductions to philosophical themes – and you get access to great quality PDF versions of the entries in the SEP, which are just ideal for printing out and reading (and annotating) offline. You also (if you like) get email notifications whenever the articles you’ve downloaded get updated. It’s a good deal, and it’s much cheaper (at US$25 a year for a full subscription, down to US$5 a year for a student subscription) than a journal subscription.

I’ll get back to posting on more substantial things later. Now I’ve got a conference to attend. For little quips along the way, you can follow the twitter feed.

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