June 18, 2004

It’s going to be a slow period on the ’net for me in the next little while. My creaky powerbook seems to have developed yet another fault (now its AirPort connection is completely bung, so I’m only online at home when I directly plug in to the ADSL modem, which boots off the other users of the connection). This, together with the wonky right hinge and the intermittent backlight might mean that it’s time to put the poor thing in for a service to see what can be done.

I’ll try to shoehorn as many files as possible into our family’s surplus-to-requirements iBook (though the step down to the small screen, the slow processor and the cramped memory will not be good), but I have rather too many things to do, and I’m not looking forward to the experience. I can’t be out of computer action while my powerbook is in for a service, but I can’t really afford the time to do the brain transplant. That means I definitely can’t afford the time to be posting here.

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